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Nail training – Personal Conditions

workplacesafety (1)Personal conditions of working:

  1. Professional qualification required to the job (in our case Vocational Training Certificate of Hand and Foot Care and Artificial Nail Building).
  2. Professional experience.
  3. Knowledge of safety requirements.
  4. Medical aptitude test: 
    The aim of the preliminary and periodic medical examination is to judge the health and medical aptitude of employees primarily then repeatedly, and to observe the changes of their state of health caused by dangerous diseases. The preliminary examination is due at the beginning of work, the periodical until the age of 40 in every 3 years, between the age of 40 and 50 in every 2 years and above the age of 50 once a year.
  5. Participation in workplace safety training:
    The aim and content of the preliminary and periodic workplace safety training can be summarized in that employees learn the general and specific rules of conduct related to their fields of work and activities, as well as the particular regulations which ensures safe work that is harmless for health. They have to be aware of the sources of danger that may arise during work and the things to be done in case of an emergency. Preliminary theoretical and practical training is due at the beginning of work. The theoretical training is intended to introduce the employees to the general workplace safety regulations, standards, hygienic regulations, registrations, recordings. The practical training introduces the material of workplace safety training and security technology related to the job. As for the repetitive training, there is not a particular time specified by law, however, it is determined that the employee should always know the current regulations that can only be kept up with repetitive training. The training has to be registered in a diary or in a record after it is over. It has to contain the subject, the place and the date of the training; the name and signature of the trainer and of the employee.
  6. Work capacity:
    Workers can only be employed if their health, physical and mental state suit the required job. If they have the adequate physiological conditions for doing the job, their employment does not have a harmful influence on their health, soundness or, regarding youth, their healthy development, and if they are fit for working based upon a medical aptitude test.

Employees’ working capacity is shown if they are reposeful, healthy, did not consume alcohol, drugs or any other agents causing daze, know the safety regulations and sources of dangers related to their work, and they are aware of that fact that attention and discipline are necessary for doing an accident-free job.