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image descriptionTwo main areas of work protection:

  • work safety: is intended, in favour of preventing workplace accidents, to set up such technologies, appliances and systems of protection; to determine and accomplish such requirements which rules out workers from getting into the scope of the danger zone, so work safety means preventing and averting workplace accidents.
  • occupational hygiene:
    Occupational hygiene is for protecting the health of workers at workplaces and protection against damages arising during work. Occupational hygiene defines the actions to prevent occupational diseases and to eliminate occupational damage.

Occupational disease: repeated health damages affecting the human body which occur in connection with working and against the will of the employee. If health damage occurs for long a time, it has to be reported to the phyisican of the occupational health service and it has to be examined by the competency of NPHMOS. Claim for damages may be enforceable.