Nail training

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Nail training – Areas

image descriptionTwo main areas of work protection:

  • work safety: is intended, in favour of preventing workplace accidents, to set up such technologies, appliances and systems of protection; to determine and accomplish such requirements which rules out workers from getting into the scope of the danger zone, so work safety means preventing and averting workplace accidents. Continue reading

Nail training – Personal Conditions

workplacesafety (1)Personal conditions of working:

  1. Professional qualification required to the job (in our case Vocational Training Certificate of Hand and Foot Care and Artificial Nail Building).
  2. Professional experience.
  3. Knowledge of safety requirements.
  4. Medical aptitude test: 
    The aim of the preliminary and periodic medical examination is to judge the health and medical aptitude of employees primarily then repeatedly, and to observe the changes of their state of health caused by dangerous diseases. The preliminary examination is due at the beginning of work, the periodical until the age of 40 in every 3 years, between the age of 40 and 50 in every 2 years and above the age of 50 once a year. Continue reading

Nail Training – Material conditions

material_conditions (1)Material conditions required for working:

  1. Arranging workplaces
    As for the objective conditions of work it is important to mention that, from the aspect of local activity, general requirements related to workplaces have to be filled (clothing, washing, state of air, heating, airing, lighting, noise exemption, order, cleanliness, traffic safety, etc). Continue reading